Warehouse Accidents

Warehouses are much like construction sites, in that there are people coming and going, a variety of operations are in process, machinery, equipment and movable and non-movable objects large and small. Both see a high rate of injury.

Workers’ compensation may limit your recovery in some cases. But frequently there are other sources of compensation available in addition to workers’ comp. We can assist you with both claims.

Work comp does NOT limit your rights if someone other than your employer is partially responsible for your injuries. Manufacturers and marketers of dangerous machinery and equipment can be sued if they failed to make a reasonably safe product that hurt you. Anyone working on-site who is not employed by your own employer can be a “third party” defendant. The owner of the warehouse that your employer is renting, where you were injured, may have left a dangerous condition that contributed to your accident.

Unfortunately, all kinds of accidents occur, injuring or even killing workers in warehouses.

  • Objects fall from tall shelving units onto victims
  • Ladders and scaffolding collapse
  • Forklifts tip over, or run into people, objects and structures
  • Loading dock features may be poorly constructed

Head injuries, spinal cord injuries and broken bones can temporarily or permanently keep you out of work, require huge medical costs, and change your life circumstances drastically. Whiteaker & Wilson, PC d/b/a Law Office of Stuart P. Huffman serves injured people and their families who need compensation for resulting losses and all costs incurred.

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