State Vs. Federal Crimes

Whether the charges are state or federal can make a massive impact on the way your case develops. Generally speaking, federal charges come with heavier penalties and more persistent post-release consequences. However, in either case, you have extensive personal rights that deserve the utmost protection.

At Whiteaker & Wilson, PC d/b/a Law Office of Stuart P. Huffman, our attorneys have a great deal of compassion for our clients and the struggles they face. Criminal charges, whether they are from the state of Missouri or from the U.S. government, are stressful and scary. Our lawyers assist people from Springfield in dealing with these charges by providing vital information about the legal process that can help guide their decisions.

What Is A Federal Crime?

Simply put, a federal crime is one that is prosecuted in federal court. However, there are many ways for a crime to reach that level, including:

  • Aggravating factors to state crimes such as assault or robbery
  • The criminal activities that cross state lines
  • Criminal activities that take place on federal property
  • Crimes that violate federal codes
  • Victims that are federal employees
  • Actions that are deemed to be terrorism

Crimes that are often considered federal crimes include such charges as embezzlement, wire fraud, kidnapping, violations of antitrust law and drug trafficking.

Do You Need A Different Lawyer For Federal Charges?

In the Western District of Missouri, any lawyer in good standing of the state bar can practice at the federal level. However, just because your attorney can practice doesn’t mean that they have the experience.

Our lawyers provide diligent, trial-tested service to any client facing federal criminal charges. These are extremely high-stakes issues, and you deserve a legal team that’s ready to meet the challenge.

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