Our Missouri Lawyers Aggressively Protect People Charged With Sex Crimes

An allegation of any sex crime is ruinous to a person. It can mean the end of your personal relationships, career and social standing. The state is zealous to the point of fault in pursuing such crimes, so you deserve a skilled, thorough defense.

At Whiteaker & Wilson, PC d/b/a Law Office of Stuart P. Huffman, we’ve represented people accused of any criminal charge from across Springfield. Our lawyers have the experience with Missouri law to build a criminal defense that stands up to the zeal and power of the state’s case. When you are facing the extremely high stakes, our team will stand with you.

A Comprehensive And Thorough Defense

Our criminal defense lawyers are skilled at taking on even the most dire of charges. They look at each case they take on based on the merits of the evidence and testimonies arranged against our client. Then they get to work.

Even in sex crimes such as rape, aggravated sexual assault or child pornography, the fundamentals of building a defense remain the same. Our attorneys will:

  • Examine physical evidence for flaws in handling or relevance
  • Reinterview all witnesses to find inconsistencies or biases
  • Review the arrest procedures to ensure that the police respect your rights

The issue is that every case made against you has to be conducted perfectly. There can be no errors or inconsistencies, and if there are, it will be that much harder for the prosecution to make a convincing case.

Our Team Will Defend Your Rights In Court

Our lawyers’ goal is building a strong defense of your legal rights and freedom. They work extremely hard for our clients and utilize all of Missouri’s laws and your federally protected rights to do that. You are innocent until proven guilty, and our team will make sure that the court remembers that.

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