Motorcycle Accidents

Riding a motorcycle has several advantages over cars – and some major disadvantages. Riding is fun, and it saves gas. But bikes are less visible and are frequently hit by cars. Worse yet, there is virtually no protection for the rider in an accident.

Whiteaker & Wilson, PC d/b/a Law Office of Stuart P. Huffman is a highly experienced law firm that has handled almost any kind of motorcycle accident case imaginable. Our attorneys’ goal is to obtain the maximum compensation from negligent drivers who have injured our clients. We have seen horrible injuries that required major surgery and long-term care. Riders are carelessly run off the road. They are hit, unseen, at intersections. They are hit head-on as a car turns left, not seeing them. Head injuries, broken bones, and paralysis are not uncommon.

Experience + Dedication = Effective Representation

It is our experience combined with our care for injured people that motivates us to strive for their best interests. Tell us about your case. We will explain our work in ensuring that any potential defendant be held to account. We know what you and your family are going through. If your family has lost a loved one in a motorcycle accident, let us handle your wrongful death case, to bring you the financial resources you will need.

Springfield Motorcycle Accident Attorney

We work on contingency. That means you pay attorney fees only if your case is successful. For a free initial consultation with an Ozark bike crash lawyer, call us in Missouri at 417-413-5858 or send us an e-mail.