Experienced, Aggressive Advocacy For Missouri’s Injured Workers

If you are an employee of a Greene County business who was seriously injured in an accident at work, and you have no idea if your job will still be there for you after you have recovered, our workplace accident injury attorneys are here for you.

We are the Whiteaker & Wilson, PC d/b/a Law Office of Stuart P. Huffman law firm in Springfield.

During our many years of combined experience, we have successfully advocated for the rights of workers injured in accidents on the job — at construction sites and in warehouses, to name just a few. The more your employer and its insurer ignores your sacrifice, the harder we work to gain the wage, medical and disability benefits you deserve.

Were you injured on a slick floor, by a falling object, or by a piece of defective or malfunctioning work machinery? Did your accident happen while driving a company vehicle? Has strenuous lifting, bending, twisting or turning caused a repetitive stress injury that has thrown you out of work?

Regardless of the circumstances, we listen carefully to your version of events, wishes and goals; carefully investigate your work conditions; refer you to appropriate medical care; and negotiate with insurers about your workers’ compensation claim. If we have to, we are fully prepared to provide a strong voice for you in court.

To ease any concerns you might have about the cost of our representation, we offer these quality legal services on a strict contingency fee basis. No attorney fee is owed unless you receive the benefits you need to return to stable health and your job.

Don’t surrender to the physical pain and suffering, and financial hardship, caused by a workplace accident. You have rights that must be protected. Contact us in Springfield to schedule a free initial consultation.

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