Criminal Defense

Experienced Missouri Defense Lawyers

If you face serious criminal charges, you deserve serious and effective legal representation. The attorney you choose should have one goal above all others: to protect your rights, your freedom and your future. At Whiteaker & Wilson, PC d/b/a Law Office of Stuart P. Huffman, that is our goal. Our attorneys have experience achieving that goal in even the most challenging criminal defense cases.

Defense Against State Charges

Our lawyers defend people in Springfield and the surrounding Missouri communities against all state criminal charges, including:

  • Property crimes: theft, burglary, possession of stolen property, shoplifting and tampering with a motor vehicle
  • Violent crimes: murder and manslaughter, robbery, assault and arson
  • Drug crimes: conspiracy and related charges, drug trafficking, possession with intent to distribute, distribution, manufacturing, possession and possession of paraphernalia
  • Sex crimes: rape, sodomy, sexual assault, Internet sex crimes, prostitution, child molestation and enticement of a child over the Internet

We also defend against traffic tickets and DWI/DUI.

In Missouri, a lawyer needs to know more than just the law. As experienced criminal defense lawyers, we know the law, we know Missouri courts and we know how prosecutors prepare cases for trial. We know how to identify the weaknesses in their evidence. We know how to build cases that are designed to succeed.

Defense Against Federal Charges

Our focus is on complex federal charges, such as federal drug crimes and federal white collar crimes. If you believe that you are being investigated, or if you have been charged, our attorneys have the strength to protect you.

Federal criminal charges are complex in part because of the dedication of federal investigators and prosecutors. They will take the time to get every last piece of evidence they believe they need to successfully take action against you. We understand their dedication, because we are equally dedicated. We will conduct our own investigation to create an effective defense strategy. We will work hard to see that your innocence is maintained and that the repercussions are minimized, if not eliminated.

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