What Are The Tax Laws In Missouri?

They say that taxes are one of the certainties in life. That also means that dealing with mistakes and missteps in taxes is a fairly common occurrence. Almost everyone has some tax issue at one point or another; when it rises to the point of criminal allegations, that’s when it’s time for help.

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Common Criminal Charges For Tax Crimes

Overall, most tax crimes in Missouri are prosecuted as misdemeanors. However, misdemeanors are still serious crimes and can leave you facing serious financial consequences as well as prison time. Additionally, many tax crimes come with additional penalties, including:

  • Fraudulent lists: Tax assessors can assess double taxes and potentially pursue perjury charges against you.
  • Tax fraud: You can face an additional penalty of up to 25% of the defrauded amount.
  • False tax returns: You can face the costs of the attorney’s fees for the prosecution.

These consequences add an additional bit of difficulty and stress to the already genuinely concerning position of handling these issues.

Corporate Or Individual Defendants

Tax law is also different in that corporations can face criminal charges as well as the individuals running the business. That said, it does not matter what the circumstances of your charges are – our team can help.

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