Are You Being Accused Of A Parole Violation?

You have paid your debt to society after being convicted of a crime. The one thing you do not want in your way, while adjusting to a new routine and moving forward with life goals, is a probation violation that could return you to jail.

Have you been accused of violating one or more terms of your release? Have you missed an appointment with a probation officer? Have you associated with the wrong crowd, used a computer or alcohol or failed to seek employment as instructed?

Any of these violations could send you back to jail, away from loved ones whose support you sorely need during this difficult transition.

At the experienced Whiteaker & Wilson, PC d/b/a Law Office of Stuart P. Huffman, criminal defense law firm in Springfield, our skilled and client-focused lawyers listen to your account and carefully examine the charges against you. We use every resource at our disposal and explore every avenue that could help you avoid another jail term.

Have you been arrested for a new offense or stopped for DWI since your release from jail? Have you failed to make restitution to victims of the original offense? Any infraction, no matter how minor, could wind up putting you right back where you were — in confinement that robs you of your dignity and hope for the future.

We need to hear from you immediately if you have been charged with violating probation. Our quality legal services begin as soon as you contact us to arrange a free initial consultation.

When A Probation Violation Or Parole Violation Threatens To Return You To Jail

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