What Is Identity Theft?

Identity theft in Missouri includes several crimes that are prosecuted as fraud. Technically, identity theft is the act of presenting oneself as another person for personal or financial gain. The victim doesn’t need to have experienced a specific injury; simply the act is a violation.

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There Are Many Types Of Identity Theft

Overall, the act of identity theft is a simple concept, but it takes many different forms under the law. In fact, the Missouri consumer protection bureau recognizes eight forms of identity theft, which include:

  • Criminal identity theft: Using another’s name and identity in the commission of a crime
  • Synthetic identity theft: Crafting a unique identity using the internet to create a false persona to conceal one’s identity while committing crimes
  • Driver’s license identity theft: Using another’s driver’s license – typically, to avoid traffic tickets or to purchase alcohol
  • Medical Identity theft: Using someone else’s insurance information to receive health care or other benefits

Overall, these charges range greatly from the amount of money involved to the specific challenges of the victims. However, the state is zealous in the pursuit of these crimes, and that’s when you should turn to us.

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