Repeat Offender Laws

Habitual offenders face a significant legal risk, as Missouri maintains laws that increase punishments for those who repeatedly commit crimes. If you face charges as a “prior and persistent” offender, then your freedom and rights are in great jeopardy.

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Not Exactly Three Strikes

States make “prior and persistent” offender laws in the hope of protecting the public from those who cannot rehabilitate. However, such laws somewhat ignore that the driving factor behind a “habitual offender” has little to do with the law and everything to do with circumstances.

A person with convictions on their record can have a great deal of difficulty doing the following:

  • Finding work
  • Finding a home
  • Building relationships
  • Starting a business
  • Moving to a new state

People in this situation are in a difficult-to-leave cycle, where committing a crime may seem like the only option for survival.

Regardless of the circumstances, the state will still view a repeat offender as a criminal. This is why turning to a legal team that treats you with respect makes such a substantial difference.

Diligent. Experienced. Respectful.

No matter what has happened to you before or how often you’ve been charged with a crime, you deserve a vigorous defense. Our attorneys care about the clients they work with and will fight for you in court. They will build your case around your needs and defend your rights vigorously.

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