Firearms Exacerbate Other Charges

Missouri takes firearms crimes seriously, and they fall into two categories. The first category involves those who use firearms while committing crimes. The second concerns those who simply misuse their firearms, either by illegally possessing or selling them or engaging in some other misuse. These charges are not minor and can lead to significant criminal penalties.

At Whiteaker & Wilson, PC d/b/a Law Office of Stuart P. Huffman, we understand how difficult facing a gun charge can be, especially when it has such high criminal stakes. Our attorneys have taken on such cases for people across Springfield as well as criminal defense cases of all kinds. Our lawyers are attentive and experienced, and they can help you manage what’s ahead.

When The Gun Is The Crime

While the U.S. does have certain rights around the possession of firearms, Missouri places several restrictions on them. The state polices violations of those restrictions aggressively, and in many cases, a person can face Class C or Class D felony charges. Some such charges include:

  • Unlawful possession: Gun possession by a person who does not meet Missouri’s’ standards for owning a firearm
  • Unlawful weapon: Possession of explosive weapons, explosive ammo, machine guns or short-barreled shotguns
  • Misuse: Firing of a weapon at an occupied structure; use of a weapon while intoxicated; carrying of a firearm in a church, polling place or government building
  • Unlicensed sale: Sale of a weapon without a license or knowingly to an individual who does not meet the state’s requirements

If you face charges such as those above, then you are in an uphill battle but not a hopeless one. You have many rights to preserve, and our attorneys will take on your case and listen to your side to help.

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Under Missouri law, the use of a firearm can automatically change a crime from a lesser felony or even a misdemeanor to an aggravated felony. When a person uses a firearm in committing a felony all on its own, it comes with a penalty of at least three years if they’re convicted.

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